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Fukushima exposition in Taiwan

November 30, 2017

Taiwan holds Fukushima exhibition




A civic group in Taiwan is holding an exhibition this week, showing how people in Fukushima are trying to rebuild their lives 6 years after the 2011 nuclear accident.

The exhibition in Taipei features about 70 photos and videos. They were taken by 6 Taiwanese civic groups at several communities near the nuclear power plant.

The videos include interviews with residents recently returned home after being forced to evacuate. There is also an interview of an elderly woman who lost her husband in the March 2011 tsunami.

The group that organized the event says it hopes the exhibition will raise awareness in Taiwan of how the situation in Fukushima has improved.
Taiwan continues to ban food imports from Fukushima and 4 other nearby prefectures more than 6 years after the accident.

The exhibition has drawn more than 10,000 visitors in its first 5 days.

A woman in her 60s said she was moved by the images of people striving for a new start. She said that she now wants to visit Fukushima someday.


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