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Nuclear weapons in Okinawa

November 14, 2017


Anti-nuclear group to call for probe into US bases



An anti-nuclear group will demand Japan's government to inspect US bases in Okinawa, following a report that a large number of nuclear weapons were once stored there.

An NHK documentary broadcast in September revealed that 1,300 nuclear weapons were kept in Okinawa during the height of the Cold War.

They were reportedly stored there before Okinawa was returned to Japanese rule.

The civic group, founded after the airing of the program, held a meeting in Okinawa's Kadena Town on Monday.

Members agreed to call on the Japanese government to inspect US bases in Okinawa, as well as to seek the release of information relating to weapons stored at these bases.

A member expressed hope that this would start a large movement seeking to find out what really happened.


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