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End of Fukushima "miracle pine"

 December 24, 2017


Fukushima: Pine tree lit before felling




A pine tree that survived the 2011 Great East Japan earthquake and tsunami is lit for its last days before it is to be felled next week.

The 25-meter-tall tree in Minamisoma City in Fukushima Prefecture is known as the "miracle pine tree."

The tree stands in Kashima district. Locals have been carefully preserving it as a symbol of hope in their restoration efforts.

But the tree's roots have withered due to being exposed to the sea's salt water for a long time.

The pine tree was illuminated by several lights around it on Saturday. Locals, apparently feeling sad to lose the tree, touched and photographed it as a way to say farewell.

The tree is scheduled to be cut down next Wednesday. In the same area, a forest will be planted, with the aim of acting as a protective barrier from strong winds and high waves.


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