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Hibakusha traveling to Oslo

Hibakusha to attend Nobel Peace Prize ceremony




Two senior members of a group of Japanese atomic bomb survivors are traveling to Norway to attend the Nobel Peace Prize presentation ceremony.

The winner of this year's prize, The International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons, or ICAN, invited the 2 hibakusha to Sunday's ceremony in Oslo.

Terumi Tanaka and Toshiki Fujimori of Nihon Hidankyo, the Japan Confederation of Atomic and Hydrogen Bomb Sufferers Organizations, left Narita Airport on Friday.

Tanaka said he wants to tell the world about the dangers of exposure to atomic explosions, and to urge all nations to join the UN treaty to ban nuclear weapons.

Fujimori said that winning the Peace Prize is a significant achievement, and he is excited about attending the ceremony. He said he will work with other hibakusha and ICAN to realize a nuclear-free world.

Tanaka and Fujimori will also attend a meeting hosted by ICAN.

On Thursday, 20 hibakusha, aged 71 to 93, left Japan to watch the ceremony in a public viewing area in Oslo. They will join ICAN members in a parade to appeal for the abolition of nuclear weapons.




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