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Koizumi to announce zero nuclear power policy (Genjiren)

December 22, 2017


Koizumi to introduce 'bill' to abandon nuclear energy



Former prime minister and anti-nuclear exponent Junichiro Koizumi is expected to announce a "bill" abandoning nuclear power plants and promoting natural energy next month.


Genjiren (an acronym for the confederation of zero nuclear power plants and the promotion of natural energy), a private organization headed by Tsuyoshi Yoshiwara, former president of Johnan Shinkin Bank, drafted the proposal for the zero nuclear power policy.


Koizumi, an adviser to Genjiren, will request both ruling and opposition parties to provide assistance.


The policy states that nuclear power plants should not be restarted and renewable energy resources should be increased.


Koizumi, who has been calling for abandoning nuclear power at public lectures across the country, is scheduled to make an announcement together with Morihiro Hosokawa, also a former prime minister, on Jan. 10.


“It might be difficult (to reach the goal) under the Abe administration, but we are determined to fulfill the project of zero nuclear power plants in the near future. Public sentiment that opposes the restart of nuclear power plants is much larger (than that of pro-nuclear power),” Koizumi has reportedly told his confidantes.


He also often says, "Japan can get along with zero nuclear power plants."


The main opposition in the Lower House Constitutional Democratic Party of Japan (CDP) aims to submit a bill calling for no nuclear power plants to the Diet.


“We are in the phase where specific processes (toward zero nuclear power) are questioned," said CDP leader Yukio Edano.


The CDP is expected to compile measures that can be taken for local governments hosting nuclear facilities to prepare them for transition to a phaseout of nuclear energy and the schedule of disposal of spent nuclear fuel.


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