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Monju decommission pact

December 4, 2017


Monju decommission pact to be signed on Tues.




Authorities in Fukui Prefecture, central Japan, are set to sign a pact with the operator of the prototype fast-breeder nuclear reactor, Monju, regarding its dismantling.

Following a series of safety management problems, the Japanese government decided last year to scrap the troubled reactor. The process will take about 30 years.

Sources familiar with the matter told NHK that the prefecture, and the host city of Tsuruga, plan to sign the deal with Monju's operator, the Japan Atomic Energy Agency, on Tuesday.

The aim of the pact is to ensure the safe decommissioning of the facility.

Liquid sodium -- a chemical that explodes when exposed to water or air -- is used as a coolant at Monju. For that reason, it is more difficult to scrap the reactor than it is to dismantle other types.

The deal is expected to include briefings to local authorities at turning points in the process of dismantling the facility, as well as measures to reduce as much radioactive waste as possible during the decommissioning process.

After the pact has been signed, the operator will submit a detailed plan to the country's nuclear regulator.

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