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North Korea pledges to boost nuclear power

December 13, 2017


North Korea to boost nuclear power





North Korea's leader has pledged to strengthen his country's nuclear power both in quantity and quality. Kim Jong Un gave a speech on the closing day of a weapons industry conference.

The workers party newspaper published the text.
Kim bragged about the country completing its quest to be a nuclear power state. He says it's developed strategic weapons including hydrogen bombs and intercontinental ballistic missiles.

He thanked scientists, technicians, and others in the arms industry for their 'death-defying' struggle.

Kim added the country will win in what he called "the showdown with imperialists and the US."

Pyongyang said last month it achieved its goal of being able to strike any part of the US mainland with a nuclear-tipped missile. The US and South Korea agreed the North launched an ICBM, but experts have raised doubts it could carry a nuclear warhead.



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