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US sailors claim dismissed by US court

January 11, 2017




US court dismisses 'Operation Tomodachi' suit



A US court has dismissed a suit demanding the operator of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant set up a fund for US personnel claiming radiation exposure.

The lawsuit was filed last August by 157 plaintiffs, including crewmembers of an aircraft carrier that took part in the Operation Tomodachi relief effort immediately after the 2011 nuclear accident. They claimed they were suffering health problems as a result of exposure to radiation during the mission.

The plaintiffs demanded plant operator Tokyo Electric Power Company, or TEPCO, contribute at least 5 billion dollars to a fund to cover the costs of medical treatment.

The company says a federal court in California turned down the petition last Friday, citing its lack of jurisdiction and authority to hear the case.

But the court reportedly suggested it would not prevent the plaintiffs from filing a revised lawsuit.

A similar lawsuit filed 6 years ago is still underway.

TEPCO says it will keep an eye on what actions the plaintiffs take next.

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