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Anime: An "affable note" to boast Fukushima's safety

February 28, 2018


Fukushima makes anime to counter harmful rumors






Japan's Fukushima Prefecture has produced animated films stressing the safety of its agricultural and fishery products to dispel overseas rumors about radioactive contamination from the 2011 nuclear accident.

The prefecture has been trying to expand the international markets for its farm produce and seafood. The main challenge is to refute the negative rumors that have persisted since the nuclear accident.

The 5 "anime" films, each lasting about 4 minutes, are aimed at promoting the safety and quality of local peaches, rice, beef and other items.

In the films, high school girls play the roles of the food items and work hard together to improve their taste.

The prefectural government also plans to make available English, Chinese, Spanish and French versions, which will be shown for the first time at an event in Hong Kong in March.

These versions will also be posted on the Internet.

A prefectural official says the films represent the aspirations of food producers in Fukushima and will convey the safety of their products on an affable note, mainly to younger generations abroad.


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