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Letter from Ambassador Murata to Abe

Dear Friends,
I have sent the attached message dated March 1,2018, to Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.
Its gist is as follows:
“The preparations for the Tokyo Olympic Games are widely recognized as
causing the sharp rise of prices of materials and serious lack of workers,
thus constituting a major factor standing in the way of the reconstruction
of North Eastern Japan.
The monthly magazine "FACTA"(March,2018)has published a shocking article entitled
"Material evidence of Dentsu bribing the Tokyo Olympic Games".It reveals the content
of the secret contract between Dentsu and former international athletics federation (IAAF)
President Lamine Diack.
The " Facta" and the French paper "le Monde"had jointly obtained the document
which the French Prosecuter's Office had confiscated.
In view of the deepening sense of crisis of the International Community regarading
the unstoppable radioactive contamination emanating from the Fukushima Daiichi,
an influential member of the IPPNW renews his proposal to postpone the Tokyo Plympic Games.
("they should at least be postponed until the situation in Fukushima is under better,
perhaps even global control .―――  Probably the whole world would understand and agree,
and Japan would avoid the risk and embarrassment, that for ongoing unresolved nuclear problems
with the Fukushima reactors,  in the end national delegations might cancel their Olympic participation" )
From many quarters,requests have been addressed to President Bach of the IOC
to reverify the “under control”assertion, but they remain without response.
To cope with the increasingly preoccupying situation in Fukushima,  Former Prime Ministers
are being approached to write a joint letter to President Bach in order to ask him to clarify his position.”
Mitsuhei Murata
Former Ambassador to Switzerland
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