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Nukes as clean energy?

23.05.2018_No101 / News in Brief


World Needs To Get Serious About Nuclear Energy, Says US DOE Official



23 May (NucNet): If the world is serious about reducing emissions and improving economies, governments must consider all options when it comes to carbon-free power, including clean, reliable nuclear energy, Dan Brouillette, deputy secretary of the US Department of Energy, said.

  Mr Brouilette said the Ninth Clean Energy Ministerial in Copenhagen, Denmark, which pens today, brings together the world’s top energy officials to discuss of policies and programmes that will promote the transition to a global clean energy economy.

But frequently the definition of “clean energy”does not include nuclear energy—the world’s second largest source of low-carbon electricity, following only behind hydropower.

Mr Brouilette said the US, Canada, and Japan are launching the Nuclear Innovation: Clean Energy (Nice) Future initiative, whose aim is to make sure nuclear has a seat at the table during discussions about innovation and advanced clean energy systems of the future.

Innovative nuclear systems will play a critical role in worldwide decarbonisation, including use in many energy intensive applications such as desalination, industrial process heat, integrated nuclear-renewable systems, flexible electricity grids, hydrogen production and energy storage.

Mr Brouillette said the Nice Future initiative is gaining momentum. More than a dozen countries have already expressed interest in joining. The initiative engages various organisations and stakeholders to focus on full-scale nuclear for baseload electricity as well as innovative, next-generation technologies and integrated renewable-nuclear energy systems across four key areas.

More information about the Nice Future initiative: https://bit.ly/2KPCVfp



see also : https://www.energy.gov/ne/nuclear-innovation-clean-energy-future



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