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Is this enough for a return to normal?

June 26, 2018



Fukushima town opens shopping center for returnees




The town of Naraha, Fukushima Prefecture, has opened a shopping center for the benefit of residents who have returned following the earthquake and nuclear crisis in 2011, and to encourage others to come home.

The area where the 3,300-square-meter complex is located includes public housing and medical institutions.

Ten businesses including a supermarket, hardware store and restaurants opened their doors on Tuesday.

The evacuation order in Naraha was lifted in September 2015. As of the end of May, nearly half the town's former inhabitants had come back.

The town has begun operating free shuttle bus services between all its districts and the center to make life easier for those who return.

One woman said she's happy that the center is accessible and that it will become a place where the townsfolk can socialize.




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