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Shimane 3

August 13, 2018


Japan’s Chugoku Electric Asks Regulator To Assess Shimane-3



Plans & Construction

13 Aug (NucNet): Japanese utility Chugoku Electric Power Company has asked the Nuclear Regulation Authority to assess the compliance of the unfinished Shimane-3 nuclear power plant with post-Fukushima revised safety standards.


In February 2018, Chugoku Electric announced plans to apply for permission to begin operation of Shimane-3, which is still under construction in Shimane Prefecture, southwest Japan.

Chugoku Electric said at the time it would seek to obtain the consent of both the prefecture and local municipalities before filing an application for an operational permit with the NRA.

According to the Japan Atomic Industrial Forum, construction of the 1,325-MW advanced boiling water reactor unit is “almost complete”. Construction began formally in 2007.

Shimane-3 was scheduled to come online in 2012 but all reactors in Japan were shut down and new build projects suspended following the March 2011 accident at Tokyo Electric Power Company’s Fukushima-Daiichi nuclear station.

The NRA’s revised safety standards came into force in July 2013.


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