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Abolition of nukes the new goal ?

August 25, 2012

Japan to include zero nuclear power goal in new government policy




The Democratic Party of Japan-led government may set as its new mid- to long-term energy policy the goal of abolishing nuclear power, due to the heightened public safety concerns since the triple-meltdown crisis started last year at the Fukushima No. 1 atomic plant, sources said Friday.

The government may unveil the new energy policy possibly early next month at a ministerial meeting, and lay out a timetable for ending nuclear power, including procedures for decommissioning the nation's reactors.

The government has shifted its stance toward adopting the zero nuclear power goal, given the strong urging of the public. The change may also be an effort to prevent the future of nuclear power from being a campaign issue in the next general election.

Given calls to maintain nuclear power in some quarters, the government is also expected to set a clause that will allow regular reviews of policy goals.

Due to the Fukushima nuclear crisis, the government has scrapped the previous energy policy that aimed to increase the nation's reliance on atomic energy, and has been working to create new goals.




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