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Additional measures to control radioactive water

 December 3, 2013


Govt. panel urges additional wastewater measures



A government panel has drafted a report on additional measures to control the radioactive wastewater accumulating at the damaged Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant.

The panel in September announced drastic measures, such as freezing the soil around the reactor buildings to prevent groundwater from getting in.

On Tuesday, the panel called for the rapid implementation of 5 backup measures, including building large storage tanks with double outer walls, and sealing cracks and piping holes with concrete.

It says a plan to pave the ground with asphalt to prevent rainwater from seeping in will be effective, while a measure to surround the wall of frozen soil with another wall was put off for later discussion.

The panel also said the handling of wastewater containing radioactive tritium should be studied by a team of experts to be set up by the government this month.

The measures will be implemented with reference to proposals by experts and engineers in Japan and abroad.

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