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Advice on decontamination provided in Fukushima

February 25, 2012

Decontamination info center opens in Fukushima



The Environment Ministry and Fukushima Prefecture have begun to provide people concerned about radiation with information on how to clean up contaminated property.

Officials at an information center which opened last month in Fukushima City began to assist local residents on Saturday.
They offer information about decontamination steps and giving advice on how to do the work.

At the center, radiation counters and high-pressure sprays that are needed to remove radioactive substances from houses are on display.

People who are planning to decontaminate their houses by themselves can seek advice from experts.

Visitors are taking a look at booklets published by the central and prefectural governments on effective ways to remove such substances.

A visitor said he wants to learn about cleanup work and what methods public offices are using as he lives in a contaminated area.

Masaru Moriya, who leads a task force of the environment ministry, says he hopes the center will help people in Fukushima to obtain appropriate knowledge on dealing with radiation.

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