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Agreement on evacuation in case of an accident at Shimane plant

May 28,  2014

3 prefs agree on nuclear accident evacuation



The governors of Shimane, Hiroshima and Okayama prefectures in western Japan have signed an agreement to effectively evacuate residents in the event of an accident at the Shimane Nuclear Power Plant.

The plant's Number 2 reactor is surveyed by Japan's Nuclear Regulation Authority to see if its safety measures meet new standards.

The central government ordered municipalities within 30 kilometers of nuclear power plants to review their disaster control measures in case of accidents.

To prepare for such an accident, Shimane and its neighboring prefectures Hiroshima and Okayama drew up the cooperation agreement -- the first of its kind at the prefectural level.
The agreement says that of about 400,000 people living within 30 kilometers of the Shimane plant, 270,000 must take refuge outside the prefecture.

The deal stipulates each of the 3 prefectures' roles in evacuating the residents.

Shimane would be responsible for screening evacuees for radiation and decontaminating them, as well as paying for evacuees' acceptance by Hiroshima and Okayama.

The agreement states that Hiroshima and Okayama would work with their municipalities in accepting evacuees.

May 28, 2014 - Updated 09:11 UTC


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