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ALPS system is leaking

June 18, 2013




NRA Tepco found 2 “pinholes” on multiple nuclide removing system ALPS


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On 6/15/2013, Tepco reported about the “possible” leakage from the multiple nuclide removing system ALPS. They measured 6,700,000,000 Bq/m3 of all β from the “possible” leaking water.

(cf, Multiple nuclide removing system ALPS possibly leaks in the test operation [URL])

(cf, 6,700,000,000 Bq/m3 of all beta detected from the leaking water of multiple nuclide removing system [URL 2])

On 6/18/2013, Tepco reported they found 2 pinholes (micropore) on the weld line of the tank.

In addition to ALPS, there are 1,000 tanks to stock contaminated water (1,000 tones each). 270 of them are not even welded.

(cf, 27% of the highly contaminated water tanks will need repairs in 2016, “1,000 tones for each” [URL 3])


↓ Detailed report about the “possible” leakage









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