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Amateurish indeed

January 29, 2013


Amateur doctor

Posted by Mochizuki



Tepco tried to open a hole to look inside of the torus room of reactor2.

Torus room is where S/C is located. S/C is the coolant facility of nuclear reactor shaped like a donut.
They assume Reactor2 had S/C damaged after 311, so it is important to look into torus room.
Fractured nuclear fuel might be in it.

After all, Tepco failed in it. They commented, “Pipes and gratings were in the way, where they shouldn’t have been. It’s different from the map.” (cf, [Unanticipated] Tepco failed in investigating the torus room of reactor2 “Different from the map” [Link])

The map was probably made in 60s or 70s. Tepco hasn’t even announced when it was made.
Anyway, it turned out that Tepco doesn’t even understand the inside of the reactors.

Nuclear was called “dream technology”. Still some people believe so. and since 311, Tepco has been commenting everything was under control, they have the clearest grasp of the situation.
Actually they do not know anything.

Tepco is like a driver. They have the basic technic to drive but they don’t know the mechanism of engine, they don’t know how to dismantle it.

It is estimated that decommissioning of Fukushima plant takes more 38 years. This is an estimate of the government so it may take even longer.

Probably Tepco should not be in charge of decommissioning. They don’t even know the details of the inside of the torus room. Financially and technically, it is obvious that Tepco can’t handle it.
Since the very beginning of 311, it has been obvious that Tepco can’t handle everything only by themselves.

It seems like they have to hide something so they are not forward in asking for more international help.

The destiny of the entire world is in the hand of the amateur driver, Tepco.


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