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And now Ohi No.4

June 21, 2012


Work starts to restart Ohi No.4 reactor



The operator of the Ohi nuclear plant in Fukui Prefecture has begun work to restart the No. 4 reactor, following similar operations at the No. 3 reactor last Saturday.

Kansai Electric Power Company began the 2-week job of cleaning pipes connected to the turbine at the No. 4 reactor on Thursday.

The company then plans to spend about 10 more days checking pipes connected to the reactor, and testing control rods.

The No. 3 reactor is scheduled to restart on July 1st, and the No. 4 reactor, on the 17th.

Full operation is expected to start at the No. 3 reactor on July 8th, and the No. 4, on July 24th.

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