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Anti-terrorism at nuclear plants

September 26, 2013





Police to tighten security at nuclear facilities



Japan's National Police Agency chief has instructed police headquarters nationwide to tighten anti-terror security at nuclear power plants.

Tsuyoshi Yoneda gave the instruction on Thursday at a meeting of about 200 senior officers in charge of anti-terrorism measures.

He said the 2011 nuclear accident at the Fukushima Daiichi plant has disclosed the vulnerability of nuclear-related facilities, raising concerns over terrorist attacks.

The NPA chief stressed the need to hold drills to prepare for such attacks. He said improving the capabilities of anti-terror firearms units is essential in ensuring the safety of the facilities.

After the September 11th terror attacks in the United States, Japanese police deployed security units at 22 nuclear-related facilities across the country to stand guard around the clock.

Since the Fukushima nuclear crisis, police have beefed up security at the facilities. The measures include the addition of machine guns and introducing radiation protection vehicles for police.

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