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Anybody in charge?

August 24, 2013


Column] Is Tepco in charge or JP Gov ? -Gov intentionally making it unclear not to pay compensation



Japan is going to have to pay astronomical value of compensation for the world.


This is why Japan is making it unclear who is in charge of Fukushima, -Tepco ? or Japanese government ?

Due to the series of recent leakage, media coverage came back to Fukushima again.

Fukushima has actually been in the spot light for long compared to other industrial accidents.

but we will not see the end of the media coverage.


What media wants to know is who is responsible for the leakage, and also the whole decommissioning project of Fukushima plant.

Now nobody thinks Tepco is capable of doing it. It looks strange for the government to leave just one company in charge.


In this emergency, Japanese Prime Minister doesn’t even make an official announcement.

He doesn’t even mention the leakage.

It’s possibly because if he steps to Fukushima, it would look like Japanese government is finally going to take over the decommissioning project for the international world.


The bottom line is there is no technology to settle it down whoever becomes responsible.

However, the difference of when Tepco takes responsibility and when Japanese government takes responsibility is the solvency.


On 8/23/2013, China Central TV attended Tepco’s press conference and asked about the international effect of the unstoppable leakage.

International world is becoming seriously worried about the endless contamination of the Pacific.

In short, they are wanting to know if they can be properly compensated.


It has been anticipated since day 0 that Japan is going to have to pay astronomical amount of compensation.

Japanese government is gaining time by having Tepco the scapegoat.

However, it’s only the matter of time.


Japanese people may need the compensation for medical care in a few years, but it would be paid from their own savings.

Fukushima nuclear plant accident was a little bit too big for one government to pay for.



Iori Mochizuki



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