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Atomic Energy Commission "just a rubber stamp"

August 8, 2013


Panel chief: Nuclear safeguard work just formality



The head of a government panel on nuclear energy has revealed the truth about its work. He said the commission's task to verify the peaceful use of nuclear power is just a formality.

The head of the Atomic Energy Commission, Shunsuke Kondo, made the remark on Thursday at a meeting of experts reviewing its organization and operations.

The commission is tasked with ensuring that nuclear facilities be built only for peaceful aims and not for the development of nuclear weapons.

Kondo said there is little point in making judgments based on the words "for peaceful purposes" written on documents submitted by nuclear facility operators.

His comment indicates that his commission is just a rubber stamp for such documents.

Kondo also touched on measures to prevent nuclear materials at facilities from falling into the hands of terrorists. He said his commission has not even heard from regulatory offices on whether internationally accepted standards are in place.

An expert group overhauling the commission's structure plans to reach conclusions by the end of the year.


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