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 October 3, 2013


Safety screening of 2 KEPCO plants to take time


The operator of 2 nuclear plants in central Japan and the country's nuclear regulatory body remain at odds over safety screenings for the plants' restart.

Kansai Electric Power Company aims to resume operations at the Ohi and Takahama nuclear plants in Fukui Prefecture.

Japan's Nuclear Regulation Authority on Wednesday held discussions over 3 active faults that run near the plants. The faults are the basis for assessing the plants' earthquake resistance.

Kansai Electric repeated its claim that the faults would not shift simultaneously, after assessing sonar surveys of regional topography.

But experts say such an interpretation is convenient for the utility.

Regulation authority member Kunihiko Shimazaki said the assessment won't continue, as there is no definite proof that the faults will not shift simultaneously. He has instructed Kansai Electric to conduct additional surveys.

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