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Better late than never

September 12, 2012


TEPCO releases 600 photos taken after disaster



The operator of the troubled Fukushima nuclear plant has released hundreds of photos taken in the aftermath of last year's disaster.

Tokyo Electric Power Company disclosed 600 photos taken during an 18-day period from March 11th last year, the day the earthquake and tsunami hit the plant.

A Diet panel investigating the nuclear accident pointed to the presence of the unreleased images. TEPCO says it asked employees and contractors to contribute the photos.

Some of the pictures depict workers fleeing just after the earthquake. Others show the tsunami receding from the plant.

There are also photos of the water pools in the power source rooms in the turbine buildings for 2 of the reactors.

TEPCO says a lack of in-house coordination delayed the release of the images. But the utility adds it does not believe the photos will directly impact the outcome of the investigations into the accident.


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