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Bracing for a difficult summer

April 23, 2012


Firms preparing for summer without nuclear power



Companies across Japan are preparing for expected power cuts this summer as the country's only operational nuclear reactor is set to go offline for a scheduled check-up next month.

Industrialized Kansai region, serviced by Kansai Electric Power Company, is expected to be hit especially hard by power shortages. The Osaka- based utility depends more on nuclear energy than other power companies.

Electrical wire maker Sumitomo Electric Industries plans to install in-house power generators at 4 factories in Kansai region by June.

Housing maker Daiwa House Industry says it will introduce 1,000 sets of lithium-ion batteries at its plants and offices in the Kansai area and other parts of the country. It will store electricity in the batteries late at night, for use later in the day.

Drugmaker Takeda Pharmaceutical will keep its factory in the region in operation through the upcoming May holidays. It also plans to boost production in other regions during the summer to make up for the production decline in the Kansai area.

Many firms say they are having difficulties coming up with concrete measures amid the unclear outlook for electricity demand this summer. An increasing number of businesses are calling on the government to provide summer forecasts as soon as possible.

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