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Bring exposure to international levels

July 13, 2012


Goal set to reduce Fukushima radiation in long term



Kyodo, Jiji

The government approved a long-term goal Friday for reducing exposure to radiation in Fukushima Prefecture to levels in line with international standards as part of the policy for reconstruction and recovery from the nuclear crisis.


The Cabinet approved the goal of cutting the annual radiation dose to 1 millisievert or less, excluding exposure to natural radioactivity, in the prefecture hosting the crippled Fukushima No. 1 plant, but it failed to meet a call to boost subsidies to firms starting firms or expanding operations.

The current evacuation order around the plant is designed to prevent exposure of more than 20 millisieverts of radiation a year, based on information from the International Commission on Radiological Protection.

Under the Fukushima reconstruction and recovery policy, the government is also pledging to financially support a health management fund that the prefecture has established to provide free medical services for residents under 19. For returning evacuees, the government will bear the costs for building infrastructure.

Respecting the prefecture's concept of seeking "a society not dependent on nuclear power," the government also will help create businesses involved in renewable energy sources.

Other measures include continued decontamination work, an increase in the number of temporary storage sites for tsunami debris.


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