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November 11, 2013

Experts call for change in radiation measuring



A panel of experts is urging the Japanese government to change the way it measures radiation exposure for evacuees from the Fukushima nuclear accident when they return home.

The panel at the Nuclear Regulation Authority on Monday endorsed draft proposals covering state support for people who want to return to their homes near the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant.

The proposals call on authorities to allow evacuees to return only after yearly radiation levels in their communities have fallen to below 20 millisieverts.

The proposals also say it should be a long-term aim to bring annual exposure levels for people to one millisievert or less.

To date, officials have estimated exposure based on radiation levels in the environment. But the panel says they should measure exposure by equipping individuals with radiation monitors called dosimeters.

Radiation measurements made by dosimeters tend to be one-third to one-seventh of readings estimated through environmental monitoring.

The draft proposals include making maps that show areas with high radiation levels and using dosimeter measurements to enable more effective decontamination work.

The panel also calls for assigning local government officials and health nurses as advisors in each community.

The Nuclear Regulation Authority will officially compile the proposals and submit them to the government.


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