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September 3, 2013


Faults examined under nuclear plant in Aomori



Japan's nuclear regulator has begun the 2nd round of an on-site survey at the Higashidori nuclear power plant in northern Japan. The purpose is to determine whether earthquake faults under the compound are still active.

The Nuclear Regulation Authority bans the operation of nuclear plants located on active faults. The Higashidori plant in Aomori Prefecture is one of 4 nuclear facilities where the geology is currently under review.

NRA official Kunihiko Shimazaki and other experts began their 2-day assessment on Tuesday.

The team had concluded in February that 2 faults located under the facility may still be active.

However, plant operator Tohoku Electric Power Company argued that the faults are not active and requested further debate based on new data they collected.

The regulators will examine distortions in the strata at a depth of 10 meters near faults that run north to south under the Higashidori plant compound.

The regulator said in May that a reactor at the Tsuruga plant in Fukui Prefecture, central Japan, sits on an active fault.

As for the Ohi plant in the same prefecture, experts agreed on Monday that a fault under the facility site is not active. Ohi is the only nuclear power plant in the country currently operating.

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