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Checking workers to stop terrorism

March 18, 2014

Panel seeks law to investigate nuclear workers



A panel of security experts has agreed that Japan needs a law requiring background checks of workers at nuclear facilities to prevent terrorism.

The Nuclear Regulation Authority appointed the panel to study protection of nuclear facilities. It has been meeting behind closed doors since last March.

The NRA secretariat says the panelists agreed on Monday that acts of terrorism from inside nuclear facilities pose a real threat.

They broadly agreed on the need for a new law to check the personal information of workers for criminal records or personal debt.
Other countries already have systems for vetting workers to assess their risk of joining or collaborating with terrorist organizations.

The panel is still considering who should run the background checks and what type of worker should be targeted. It will also study how to safeguard privacy.

Government officials are expected to discuss the subject at next week's nuclear security summit in the Netherlands.

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