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Death at work - Compensation agreed

Death at Fukushima plant ruled from overwork



Japanese labor authorities have ruled that a man's death at the crippled Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant was due to his having to carry out demanding work while wearing stress-creating protective gear.

It is the first time the labor ministry has recognized such a case connected to cleanup work at the plant.

The authorities have granted compensation to the family of 60-year-old plumber Nobukatsu Oosumi from Shizuoka Prefecture.

His lawyer says Oosumi worked for a construction company subcontracted to Toshiba. He was sent to the Fukushima plant in May to do piping work in a nuclear waste processing facility.

He died a day after he began work, saying he felt ill.

Oosumi's family applied for compensation, saying his death was caused by physical and mental stress from the workload.

The labor authorities told the family's lawyer that Oosumi died because he had to work through the night under uncomfortable conditions while wearing a protective suit and mask.

Oosumi's widow says her husband must be looking down from above and feeling relief.

Toshiba has declined to comment on the case.


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