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September 19, 2012


Govt. defends new energy policy



The government is defending its decision to endorse a new energy policy without approving a document compiled by relevant ministers that calls for halting all nuclear reactors sometime in the 2030s.

National Policy Minister Motohisa Furukawa said on Wednesday that the new policy lays a clear course while retaining the flexibility to deal with any eventuality.

He said the Cabinet took into consideration that the new policy will be used as the basis for future environmental and energy measures. He stressed that the Cabinet had not changed the contents of the ministers' proposal.

Sep. 19, 2012 - Updated 08:49 UTC (17:49 JST)



Govt. approves new energy policy



The Japanese government has approved its new energy policy, based on a proposal to halt all of Japan's nuclear reactors sometime in the 2030s.

A Cabinet meeting on Wednesday debated the proposal compiled by relevant ministers last Friday.

The meeting approved the proposal, which calls for consulting host municipalities and the international community on whether to continue nuclear power generation. But they didn't approve the document itself.

Some in Japan's business sector oppose halting nuclear power generation.

The United States, which signed a civilian nuclear pact with Japan, has also expressed concern.

Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda said earlier that the government should come up with a strategy that has a stable direction but also remains flexible.

Observers express doubt that Japan will really phase out nuclear power in the 2030s, as the Cabinet is suggesting it wants to respond flexibly to future changes in circumstances.

14h47 JST

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