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Press Releases

Press Release (Apr 24,2012)
Commencement of Water Shielding Wall Construction

The water shielding wall will be installed in front of the existing seawalls of Units 1 to 4 to prevent further contamination of the ocean due to the leakage of ground water, for which we have conducted preparatory including geological survey per measurement and boring inspection thus far.
(Previously announced on October 26, 2011)

As a license to landfill publicly-owned seawater surface is required to install the water shielding wall, we have applied for the license to Fukushima Prefecture on February 7, 2012. Since the necessary investigation procedures have been finished and the license was issued by Fukushima Prefecture on April 20, 2012, we will start construction of the water shielding wall from April 25.

Appendix: Outline of Water Shielding Wall Installation (PDF 136KB)


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