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Environment Ministry officials to accelerate decontamination

August 8, 2013


Govt. to add officials to aid decontamination



Environment Ministry is to accelerate decontamination work and the establishment of intermediate storage sites in Fukushima by expanding the government workforce.

The ministry said on Thursday they plan to add some higher-ranking officials to the workforce of 430 government employees, who are in charge of the clean up policy there.

The move comes as preparatory work for waste storage construction is gaining momentum this fall. The storage facility will keep radioactive soil and other waste for 30 years. The new staff will need to deal with building the facilities amid a large delay in decontamination work.

The ministry says the newly-arriving officials will include Director-General and counselor level personnel from other ministries. They have expertise in public works projects and land purchases.

The ministry says it will allocate 10 staff members to help these officials. It also plans to further increase the government workforce in Fukushima

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