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Failure of cooling system (at No. 6) during emergency test

July 25, 2013


_Cooling system shuts down during Fukushima test



A cooling system shut down for 2 hours at the crippled Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant when workers failed to follow procedures during an emergency backup power test.

Tokyo Electric Power Company says the No. 6 reactor's cooling system stopped suddenly on Thursday morning when workers turned off a power panel to try and test a backup diesel generator.

They restarted the system after 2 hours. The temperature in the reactor rose by 0.5 degrees to 27.1 degrees Celsius.

TEPCO officials say the rise was too small to affect the reactor's safety. They also said monitoring posts around the plant showed no change in radiation levels.

The officials say workers failed to take necessary measures to avoid the stoppage of the cooling system when they activated the emergency generator.

The No. 6 reactor was not seriously damaged in the 2011 accident, but it has been kept shut down. Its nuclear fuel is being kept at a cool temperature.

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