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Final verdict on Ohi fault




September 2, 2013


Experts: Ohi nuclear plant fault 'not active'



A team of experts has agreed that a fault line beneath Japan's only operating nuclear power plant is not active.

The experts and members of the Nuclear Regulation Authority on Monday discussed the fault, known as F-6, at the Ohi plant on the Japan Sea coast in Fukui Prefecture. They have been studying the fault since November.

The plant operator, Kansai Electric Power Company, presented data and argued that F-6 and other faults near the plant moved in ancient times and are not active.

The experts agreed that F-6 has not moved recently and that there is no possibility of it moving in the future.

Plant operators are banned from building reactors and other key facilities above active faults.

Commissioner Kunihiko Shimazaki said the regulation authority and the experts will compile a report now that they've reached common understanding.

The authority has investigated fault lines at 4 nuclear power plants in Japan and determined that only one at the Tsuruga plant is active.

The 2 reactors in operation at Ohi will go offline this month for regular checks. All reactors in Japan have to pass stricter safety screenings introduced in July to resume operations.

Kansai Electric Power Company has applied for screening so it can restart the reactors after the checks.

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