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Fishermen briefed on leak

August 20, 2013

TEPCO, government brief fishermen on water leak



Officials from the operator of the damaged Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant and the government have briefed local fishermen on how to deal with the ongoing leakage of radioactive groundwater into the sea.

About 200 fishermen attended Tuesday's briefing in Iwaki City, organized by Tokyo Electric Power Company and the Natural Resources and Energy Agency.

Tokyo Electric explained that it has begun pumping up the contaminated groundwater to prevent it from seeping into the sea. The utility also briefed the fishermen on a plan to create an underground shielding wall around the reactor building over the next year or so.

The session also covered Monday's disclosure that 300 tons of wastewater has been leaked from a storage tank.

The fishermen criticized what they described as the utility's stop-gap measures, and demanded to know when they can resume catching fish.

Some fishermen supported Tokyo Electric's plan to pump up uncontaminated groundwater and release it into the ocean before it is polluted by radioactive substances.
The head of the local fishermen's association, Tetsu Nozaki, said he will sum up members' opinions on whether to back the plan.

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