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Fishermen: We don't want your radioactive water

June 8, 2013


Don’t dump radioactive groundwater into sea, Fukushima fishermen tell Tepco


Fukushima Prefecture fishermen voiced opposition Friday to Tokyo Electric Power Co.’s plan to release groundwater from the firm’s stricken nuclear power plant into the sea.

Some voiced concern about harmful rumors that such dumping may trigger, while others said they could not trust Tepco.

Their views were expressed at a meeting between the Soma Futaba fisheries cooperative and representatives of Tepco and the Agency for Natural Resources and Energy.

The utility promised to check the groundwater before it is released to ensure it is not radioactive, but the fishermen remained distrustful

“We need more explanations,” co-op head Fusayuki Nanbu told reporters after the meeting, complaining that Tepco failed to acknowledge the fishermen’s sentiment.

The meeting was Tepco’s second briefing to fishermen regarding its plan to release the groundwater. The prefectural association of fisheries cooperatives will meet June 24 to form a unified response.

Tepco hopes to release groundwater into the sea from under the Fukushima No. 1 nuclear plant before it flows into the basements of buildings housing reactors that suffered meltdowns at the power station, the site of Japan’s worst nuclear power catastrophe. The step is expected to limit the volume of water that is contaminated with radioactive materials.

Previous releases of radioactive water led to widespread contamination of the surrounding sea and a halt in local fishing activities.



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