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Floating alternative

May 17, 2013


World’s 1st floating hybrid power generation system set to test in fall





Taking advantage of continuous sea breezes and the ocean currents below, the world’s first floating hybrid power-generation system, to be installed off the coast of Karatsu, Saga Prefecture, will be tested in autumn.

Saga Prefecture and MODEC Inc., the system developer, made the announcement on May 16.

Leading offshore technology company MODEC specializes in floating oil and gas production and storage facilities. Making use of its expertise of facilities floating on the ocean, the company developed a new hybrid power generation system that generates electricity both via a windmill as well as a water wheel circulating the water under the sea by tidal currents.

The new system, Savonius Keel and Wind Turbine Darrieus, dubbed SKWID, utilizes a long vertical wind turbine, designed to capture twice as much wind as compared to land-based wind turbines of the same diameter, resulting in the delivery of twice as much power.

The water wheel rotates at the speed of tidal currents so as not to harm the marine ecosystem.


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