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Follow-up panel

December 7, 2012



Response to Fukushima accident probe faces check



A panel has begun checking whether Japan's government is following the advice of 3 investigative commissions that probed the Fukushima nuclear accident.

The 15-member follow-up panel consists of experts and academics who sat on the government, Diet and private commissions that investigated last year's accident.

Private commission chief Koichi Kitazawa was appointed on Friday to head the panel. At its first meeting, he told members that they should check whether the government's new Nuclear Regulation Authority is truly functioning as an independent body.

The watchdog was launched in September to improve safety supervision at nuclear plants.

One member said the panel should verify the government's follow-up measures with the understanding that the Fukushima accident isn't over.

The 3 investigative commissions have pointed out flaws in the government's crisis management, disaster preparedness and nuclear safety regulations.

The follow-up panel is due to interview the Nuclear Regulation Authority officials. It will write an interim report by next March.

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