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Following manuals not enough in case of emergency

July 27, 2012


Ministry admits faults in its Fukushima responses



Japan's education ministry has admitted that its response to the Fukushima nuclear accident was inappropriate in terms of informing residents and addressing parents' concerns about radiation exposure.

A report issued on Friday refers to the government decision not to release radiation maps provided by the United States immediately after the accident began in March 2011.

The report says the government did not have a manual on disclosing results of surveys by foreign organizations.

The ministry admits to mishandling the issue of its radiation exposure limit for outdoor school activities.

In April last year, officials set the limit at 20 millisieverts per year, saying they followed recommendations of an international organization.

But the ministry eventually lowered the limit after parents said it was too high. The report says officials did not fully address the parents' worries.

The report says communication between sections was not smooth because an emergency response framework set up after the accident was different from one referred to in a manual.

Vice education minister Takashi Kii told reporters that following manuals is not enough to protect people's lives and assets during emergencies.

Kii said ministry officials must use their imagination and act without waiting for orders.

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