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Forest in the no-entry zone to be studied

October 2, 2012




Forest radioactive contamination to be monitored



A Japanese nuclear research agency will conduct a long-term study of radioactive fallout on Fukushima forests to see how the contamination affects human habitats.

The government-affiliated Japan Atomic Energy Agency plans to begin the study later in October. It will cover forests within 20 kilometers of the crippled Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant. Most of the area has been designated as a no-entry zone.

The study will also monitor rivers that collect underground spring-water from the area.

Researchers will measure the levels of radioactive cesium and other substances in soil and water for around 20 years.

They hope the long-term monitoring will enable them to predict how the contaminants are carried out of the forests by water and wind, and how they affect human habitats and the sea.


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