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Fukushima to host summit in 2015

 October 24, 2013



Fukushima likely to host Pacific Islands summit



The Japanese government is considering disaster-ravaged Fukushima Prefecture as the host site of the Pacific islands summit in 2015.

A government official said on Wednesday that final arrangements are under way to pick Fukushima as the venue for the summit.

Japan hosts the Pacific Islands Leaders Meeting once every 3 years to discuss regional development and environment issues with leaders of the Pacific island countries.

Officials say they believe that hosting a summit-level international conference will help Fukushima's efforts to rebuild from the 2011 disaster.

The host site will be formally decided at a ministerial-level meeting due to be held on Saturday in Tokyo.

The 2015 gathering will be the 7th since the 1997 inauguration of the regional summit. The latest one was held in Okinawa last year.

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