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German hand extended over nuke phase-out

German minister hopes for talks with Japan over nuclear phase-out




BERLIN (Kyodo) -- German Environment Minister Peter Altmaier expressed a desire Wednesday to begin consultations with Japan on abolishing atomic power generation, following the compilation of an energy strategy by the Japanese government that includes a plan to terminate nuclear power in the 2030s.

After the March 2011 accident at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station in Japan, Germany decided to end nuclear power generation by the end of 2022. Tokyo and Berlin have so far been holding working-level talks on renewable energies and other related issues.

Altmaier suggested that this framework be upgraded for him and Japanese Environment Minister Goshi Hosono to hold direct talks.

Speaking to foreign media, Altmaier said Germany "has already exchanged notes with Japan on various occasions." Given the drawing up of Japan's new energy strategy, he said that "the counterpart ministers should hold talks."

He stopped short of providing the timing and other specifics of such dialogue, saying arrangements are needed with the Japanese government.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel also expressed at a news conference Monday that Germany wants to strengthen cooperation with Japan over issues including the development of renewable energy and efficient power use.

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