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Grout this water out!

May 31, 2013



Tepco considers to fill Torus room with grout to stop ground water flowing in




On 5/30/2013, Fukushima Diary reported “Tepco to consider freezing ground for 1400m to stop ground water flowing into the plant [URL]”

Additionally, the committee of experts suggested Tepco to fill the torus room with grout.

They state it stops ground water flowing into the plant.

Tepco plans to conduct the feasibility study with United States Department of Energy this year.

However, they need to evaluate if it doesn’t affect installation of the PCV circulating coolant system and the entire decommissioning plan.

They assume it takes 1.5 years to make planning, and 2 years to inject the grout material. (3.5 years in total)

The committee points out the benefit of using grout is it doesn’t directly touch the molten fuel. However, it hasn’t been confirmed that the fractured molten fuel is not really in the torus rooms.




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