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Here comes Areva

07.06.2013_No22 / World Nuclear Review

Areva Signs Cooperation Agreements On Fukushima And Rokkasho



Research & Development

7 Jun (NucNet): French and Japanese companies have signed agreements that will see them cooperating on the rehabilitation of the Fukushima nuclear site and the start of commercial operations at the Rokkasho used fuel reprocessing facility.

A joint statement of cooperation to prepare for commercial start-up of Rokkasho was signed in Tokyo today by Japan Nuclear Fuel Limited (JNFL) president Yoshihiko Kawai and Luc Oursel, the president and chief executive officer of France’s Areva group.

Areva and JNFL plan to expand their collaboration at Rokkasho, particularly on complementary safety assessments.

Areva will also contribute its technical expertise to the construction of a Japanese mixed oxide (MOX) fuel fabrication facility, whose technology is based on Areva’s Melox facility in France.

Areva also signed a cooperation agreement with nuclear decontamination company Atox for dismantling and cleanup operations. The two companies will work on solutions for the rehabilitation of the Fukushima site and region.

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