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How much decontamination for Toride City?

December 2, 2013



Radiation checks start on homes in Toride City



Toride City, northeast of Tokyo, has begun a radiation study to determine which homes require decontamination.

About 70 percent of the city was designated a government-funded clean-up area following the nuclear accident at the Fukushima Daiichi power plant in 2011.

The city began taking radiation measurements at about 35,000 homes on Monday. Contract workers made the rounds of private homes in the central town of Nakahara. They used special devices to measure radiation levels in backyards and rain spouts.

The city plans to complete the decontamination of all homes whose radiation levels are above allowable levels by next spring.

A woman whose home was checked says she is worried about the results.

A city official says he hopes completing the decontamination work will help ease the public concerns that linger more than 2 years after the accident.

The decontamination of schools and parks is already under way.

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