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How much nuclear energy?

August 14, 2012

NHK poll: Opinions split on nuclear power



An NHK poll shows that public opinion is mixed when it comes to deciding how much Japan should depend on nuclear power as a source of energy.

NHK conducted the poll over the weekend and received responses from 1,046 people.

The respondents were asked to choose from 3 options the government has presented for the nation's dependence on nuclear energy as of 2030 -- zero percent, around 15 percent, or between 20 and 25 percent.

The results show that 36 percent favor the zero option -- up 2 points from last month, while 39 percent chose the middle option -- a drop of one point. 15 percent of respondents chose the highest option, up 3 points from last month.

Nuclear power accounted for roughly 26 percent of Japan's energy supplies before last year's nuclear disaster. The government is now reviewing its energy policy and seeking public input on the nation's nuclear dependency.

The NHK poll also asked respondents whether they trust the government's attempt to confirm the safety of the US military's Osprey transport aircraft.

The tilt-rotor aircraft is due to be deployed in Okinawa soon, but its record of accidents has touched off safety concerns across Japan.

The poll showed that 69 percent lack confidence in the Japanese government's attempt to have experts independently examine the Osprey's safety, while 25 percent said they trust the government.

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