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How reliable are WHO's data?

July 20, 2013


Question about the credibility of WHO data

Posted by Mochizuki on July 20th, 2013 ·



Last week, Tepco revised their own medical report.

The report is about the exposure dose of Fukushima workers. It was already submitted to WHO one year ago.

In the revised report, Tepco states about 2000 workers had significant thyroid exposure. It’s 11 times much number as originally reported to WHO.

Why did they report 1/11 times smaller number in the beginning ?

As the reason, Tepco comments they were on the assumption that “some” workers took radioactive Iodine-131 in the middle of their working term in Fukushima nuclear plant instead of from the beginning of their working term.

“Some” workers mean FEMALE workers and supporting workers from other plants.

Half of Iodine-131 decays in 8 days. By assuming those workers didn’t take it from the beginning, they can downplay the effect.

Women are more sensitive for radiation exposure. If Tepco admits they were significantly exposed, Tepco has to pay their medical care. Tepco has a lot of benefits from underestimating the actual exposure.

So far, Tepco hasn’t announced they re-submitted the correct report to WHO.

If they don’t, WHO would take another underestimated data of a nuclear accident.

There is a possibility that WHO collects data like this from around the world.

The fake science based on the countless lies is given the brand of “WHO”.

We need to investigate the data collecting process of WHO.


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