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How tough will the new rules be?

 June 28, 2013

NHK Nuclear Watch: New Regulatory Requirements




  • breakwaters against sea water
  • back-up power systems must be upgrades
  • alternative control room
  • filter vents


  • Importance of the electric power network in nuclear plants (2,000 cu.meters/plant). The fireproofing is therefore essential.

Cables be either special fire-retardant cables or specially-coated cables.

However not all experts agree that both solutions are equally efficient. To prove this, NHK has asked experts to conduct experiments using different thicknesses of coating.


After 6 minutes only (the experiment was supposed to last 20 minutes) the 1mm-thick coated cables already caught fire.

Conclusion: Thinly-coated cables burn too easily! The thickness of the coating has therefore to be examined  seriously.


The NRA has not specified how they will verify the nuclearplants compliance with the new safety standards. It's not just a question of checking all these cables. The challenge of these insepctions is "collossal and it may even be impossible". The NRA has only 80 inspectors at its disposal. It clearly need more manpower and more expertise.

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